Saturday, September 22, 2012

My home pets

I am writing this blog because I love my animals and I want you to know that they are great. My house is large, so the animals have plenty of room in it

Each hamster has its own cage, reel and bowls. Under the shelf of a rack frames there is a food for hamsters and guinea pigs, and rabbits. In a large cage under the TV is a small, black-white-red-haired guinea pig. Not far from it is similar to the gray cage lives a tiny rabbit. On the desk I have a small goldfish. Throughout the house there are 5 cats. The first is all white, with long hair and a black nose. The second is black with white paws. The third is patchy, red-black-and-white. The fourth is gray, with short hair. The fifth is from a shelter, the funnny part is it has the black dots on the back with the white fur. In addition to cats, there are dogs as well. Around the house are 4 dogs. They guard house and other animals and do not run alone in the yard. The living room is large with aquarium with exotic fishes. The room of my sister is also full of animals. It has three chinchillas and 2 turtles. Apart from these, it also has a parrot, who speaks with a distorted human voice. It is large, red-green-blue-yellow. 

Next to the house is an old barn, where the other animals are living. There are 4 cows, 2 horses and 4 swines. We are going to kill and eat swines someday, cows give milk everyday but when they get old and stop giving milk we'll kill and eat them as well. Horses are for riding purposes. I don't know if we're going to eat them in the future. Maybe. I'll ask my dad if horses are eatable. Apart from these, there is also a goat, a rooster, a duck and a sheep. Each animal during the day is running around the garden and is closed at night in separate pensAll the animals are really likeable and do not create conflicts. I love all of them very much and I would not want any of them to get hurt. 

I'll post pictures of all my pets in next posts.